AG CASA is a boutique agency focusing on creating and growing consumer brands that care about people and our planet. We are organizing a panel series in 2020 in New York to raise awareness and share best practices from pioneers in sustainability. As a result, the focus will be in different industries; first in fashion and later in the year, beauty and food.

The first event was on January 13th 2020. The panelists talked about sustainable fashion practices and answered the following questions;

What does Sustainable Fashion really mean? How can fashion businesses support the need for change?  To what extent is consumer demand impacting and driving this sustainable agenda?

The panel was moderated by Claire Konviser, formerly at ASOS and an expert in buying and ethical sourcing. 

The panelists were generous and very helpful with the audience! We were very lucky to have: 

Stephanie Benedetto, founder of Queen of Raw.

Eden Spatz, Head of Development at ADAY.

Tina Bhojwani, founder of AERA, a fashion company  manufacturing vegan shoes made in Italy and 110% sustainable.

 We had over 80 guests and discussed consumer demand, transparency measures, retail climate and investment perspectives from pioneers in the fashion industry. 

Net proceeds went to the BROOKLYN STYLE FOUNDATION to assist emerging, underprivileged designers in honing their talent and growing their business, and to provide a professional forum to showcase their creations alongside other emerging designers from around the globe.

Host Partners: Goulston & Storrs, NYC.

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AG Casa | New York, NY