10 Professionals Keeping it Together During Quarantine Times

Have you heard of Hoppin? It’s a platform that allows a company to host individuals to spend a day with them; shadowing someone to learn what they do in that specific industry. It’s a unique learning opportunity, also offered to within enterprises, so they can promote and maximize employee retention and skillset. It’s a genius platform for both the host and the shadower, and it’s a very fulfilling process.

One of the services we offer at AG Casa is to consult on positioning your startup for investors. I spoke to Bilyana Freye, co-founder of Hoppin, so I could spend a day at a VC and Accelerator firm, and Hoppin made it happen! It was a really interesting day at Acceleprise, B2B SaaS startup accelerator and VC firm.

Hoppin’s goal is to allow people to grow and fulfill their learning dreams; perhaps it’s a change of career, or re-invention, or just personal growth through learning or mentoring.

Due to the times we live with Covid-19, Hoppin asked me to share with videos and pictures a day in my life. The goal is to keep their community learning about work and lifestyle tips in these challenging times. You will see a selection of professionals and founders giving their ideas on how we deal with this quarantine.


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